Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Back to my Roots

Last month I applied to be part of an exhibition titled "Mermaids and Mermen in Black Folklore", a quilt and doll exhibition in Charleston, South Carolina celebrating our African roots, our connection to water and the deities that reign there. My latest quilt, "Reception at Ibo Landing" depicts the legend of Africans who just arrived to the shores of the Americas; when these soon to be sold into slavery souls saw what the future held for them in this new land they turned around and walked into the ocean saying "The water brought us, The water will take us home". This is the legend of Ibo Landing from St Simon's Island of coastal Georgia. This legend has resonated all over the Gullah Islands of South Carolina and Georgia.

Well not only did I get into the show but it seems that my quilt has made quite an impression. "It is just the kind of work  I was looking for" stated the shows curator and fellow quilter Cookie Washington. My quilt is 1 of 4 works of art to grace the front of the exhibitions postcard. What an honor. The show will run August 28th through October 28th at the City Gallery at Waterfront Park in downtown Charleston. A catalog with some of the artwork accompanied by the work of poets and writers is coming and I hope to be include in that as well. I will keep you posted.

There are many wonderful activities planned for the artists and the general public during the opening week end which is Sat 9/8. Kudos to the hard work of curator Cookie Washington who has tirelessly labored to make this exhibition a mega artistic and cultural event. I'm excited and booked my room today! This trip has added meaning since my grandfather is from Charleston. I understand that I still have relatives there that I have never met. I'll be sending them some information on myself so we might possibly connect. Charleston here I come!

detail of "Reception At Ibo Landing"