Sunday, July 05, 2015

Back in the saddle?

Some will remember when I used to tie-dye and crest fashions in that medium. That was over a decade ago. It was tedious work which liberated my tub from its glossy finish. I decided that I would continue working in fabric but leave the hand dying to others. This summer as I explore t shirt augmentation again I thought about doing some dying then I came to my senses: I really don't have time, money or energy to dedicate to the process. Then came a compromise in the form of discharging dye with bleach. I have admired and own creations by Newark artist Gerry Gant who is the inspiration for this seasons frolic with cotton jersey. Everyone loves the comfort of a t-shirt. With the addition of some cuts, stitches and some crafts surface design I hope to create a few hits for the wardrobe this season.

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sisters in Scarf Art

When I first encountered the scarfs of Artist Audrey Weaver I didn't get it. Though at the time I was not familiar with her various types of work she was well known amongst the New York "Tribal" elite. Her "scarf dressings" adorn the most fashionable wearable collectors but I just didn't get it. It was just a scarf right? Then some years ago I had the opportunity to host Ms Weaver and her artistrt at several of the Harlem Aesthetic events I host at my home. The ladies came looking specifically for her and left with elegant and funky finds. Tried a few myself and was hooked. I now own 3 scarves and 3 hats by Audrey. Her scarves and a current interest in surface design has driven me to create scarves if my own. Sometimes it's the little things that can dress up an average outfit and make you feel fabulous. Hope my work is as well relieved and cherished.