Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Creative Spirit - a ticket to the Crazy House!

Those of you who have known me for any length of time have seen me cover a lot of creative ground: stained glass, body products, tie dye, slip casting (I just moved my mothers things from her apartment so if anyone every wants to do a 20year retrospective of my creativity please consult her storage space). Now that I am committed to my quilting there are still moments where I travel off that path into another project. I am now making wine in assorted flavors and last year I rediscovered my knitting machine. Oh what a tangled web artists weave.
Today my new camera arrived and along with it I purchase an instructional overview video. Do I dare delve into photography? Only for medicinal purposes I hope. I got a new camera because the old one seems not to like the sand I dropped it in and a good camera is necessary to take good pictures of my quilts. To take good pictures I need to know my camera and basic rules of photography. To get that knowledge I need books and maybe a class and....... here we go again!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lil' Mama follows Little Sister

A Mid Summer Night's Blue featuring a childhood glimpse of my sister can be viewed at ArtGotham Gallery in SOHO New York. She follows an earlir quilt of my niece Tiana which was part of ArtGotham's Square Foot group show and was sold. Summer Blues is a smaller ArtGotham group show and though my Lil' mama is not in the typical style of this gallery she is still hanging there. Yes, she is kind of in the booth in the back in the dark but she hangs proudly none the less. The Summer Blues exhibition runs until Aug. 24th 2008. If you are in lower Manhattan check it out: ArtGotham, 190 Ave of te Americas (6th Ave) between Prince and Spring Streets - right near the C line Spring Street train station. Call for hours: 917 319 2030