Monday, March 12, 2007

"First Fall"

Another view of First Fall.

"The First Fall"

Boy an I glad winter is coming to a close. Me and the oil man have been having a little too much conversation lately. Here ia a snowflake quilt I made in December that is on display at my home. I enjoyed working in the kaleidoscope technique and plan to use it again in a four seasons quilt. This one is approximately 70"x70".

Sarah at Big Apple Jazz in Harlem

Here is the Devine One, Sarah Vaughan. You can see her live at Big Apple Jazz.:2236 Adam Clayton powell Jr Blvd (bt. 132nd &131st streets) in Harlem, USA. They have Jazz music daily and it is usually free (212 283-JAZZ). Sarah's dress is hand beaded and sequenced. She is for sale and is also available there on note cards.