Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Better late than never

A year or so ago myself and quilter Sherry Shine were in The City Quilter shop and saw a wonderful quilt on the wall constructed through a log cabin style. I bought 2 1/2" fabric strips that day and went home to create my own quilt. Mapping it out took some time and then getting a construction system to get all the colors in the right place took more. By the time I put together a few blocks and a few rows I was over the whole thing. When it immediately did not look fabulous I set it aside and went on tho the next project. Well this summer I have revisited this quilt. Needing to make a few new things for the gallery I went back to my unfinished projects box to hatch a plan. Editing and sashing was the remedy! Since I had 4 rows of 6 blocks already completed and assembled I completed 1 more row so the finished product would not be too narrow and ended with a huge sash. It is now being quilted with an all over pattern and I expect to finish it tonight. Now none of my efforts are wasted. Love it when a plan comes together even if it is a year or so later.