Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mini Gallery

Marilyn Hamilton Jackson is my friend and mentor who recently retired from the New York City Department of Education as a dance instructor. My first summer job at the age of 14 was with Marilyn at Jamaica High School in Queens where I was her dance assitant. I went on to graduate college with a BFA in dance, taught dance for the NYC Board of Education for 10 years and did a host of other dance activites and performances. (I now relegate my dancing to The ocassional party and an African dance clas now and then). "For Marilyn" was my gift to her which was presented at her retirement party.

"Give the Drummer Some" is a trbute to my uncle James E. Gadson who is a drummer and vocalist. The quilt contains many names of artists he has recorded with.

"Lisa and the Color Yellow" was the 1st portrait quilt I made in early 2006. It is a picture of my sister when we were kids and the quilt tells the story of how I minipulated her into making her favorite color yellow.