Sunday, May 20, 2012

HE's BACK!!!!!!
Thanks to my neighbors I was able to get him this morning from the local corner store.
I have not blogged in quite a while but today's events made me come back here. One of my dogs, Emilio, was taken from the front stoop of our home some time between 1 and 3PM Sat 5/19. Our aprox. 7lb bundle of joy is a neutered Maltese mix with big light brown ears and large eyes. He was groomed in April and looks close to this picture but his hair grows long all over. He was on the stoop with our other 2 dogs but he is very friendly and  cute and was probably the easiest to take. He ha on a brown collar with several tags on it - 1 of them had his name and info should he be lost. I am  almost positive that he did not run away or wander off since the dogs are accustomed to staying close to the house and sunning themselves on the stoop. I am devastated and hope that someone decides to Do The Right Thing. Who ever took him or anyone that has him can bring him back to us or drop him at the 32nd precinct. We Love Him. We Miss Him. The other dogs are very sad to lose him. Contact Raymond or Laura with Info at 212 694-0262.