Monday, December 06, 2010

A Proud Mama

Last year I became interested in making a clutch bags and started the journey by ordering some metal frames from Thiland. They sat for a year. Decided to revisit the idea this fall and the results are these wonderfully funky acessories. Part bag, part jeweled accesory and part art, my clutches can set off even the plainest outfit. Most come with a detachable cross body lace or double strand handle (not shown) but you can decide how you would like to feature them. Sold 4 of them this past weekend and I expect not to be able to keep up with the demand once my A-list patrons see them. The hand beading and emblishing make these one of a kind pieces very special. Some even feature beads and buttons I have made.

Holiday Madness

Well the Holidays are here and I am feeling somewhat prepared. I have several new items that I have created for the 2010 season as well as some old ones. Please visit my website at and the "Harlem for the Holidays" tab for a listing of local events that I will showcase these items. My "Charmed Angels" were a hit this past weekend and at $10 each they are ready to be taken home. Folks have said I should charge more but I create them to be affordable gifts. There are only a limited number and they are moving quickly!