Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Harlem Fine Art Show, in review :-(

This February I had big plans to move up in the world by participating in the Harlem Fine Art Show (HFAS). This annual event which is only in its second season seeks to take the place of the Black Fine Art Show and Art Off the Main; both shows were previously held downtown at the PUCK building. Fine artists from all over the country took part in those shows and HFAS was no different in this respect. And then the other shoe dropped... I scrimped and paid my fee which seemed a very reasonable price at the time and made my display the best I could on a small budget. By the time it was all said and done I end up in a shabby cramped spot away from the crowd, near clothing and slipper vendors ( "Fine Art Show"?, really?). To put it mildly I was HIGHLY disappointed (almost to tears) and made no money. I thought this would be my artist coming out party and ended up on chicken row at a chitlin' circuit shin-dig. Anyway , big girls don't cry and I am stronger and wiser for the experience. I might do the show again next year if I can come up with a master plan (can't keep a good artist down you know) . It is an everyman for himself kind of business and even the agencies and agents that are supposedly set up in your favor are making odd choices. (that is my politically correct comment). So to keep it on a positive note; life lessons can be hard on a sistah so if this was a lesson in being an artist I guess I got off cheap.

Harlem Sewn Up goes to print

My first publication is about to be released to the public. I have put together a short paperback for the 2009 Harlem Sewn Up exhibition at the Dwyer Cultural Center. This exhibit featured Harlem quilters and their work along with anecdotes about life in Harlem. My print project is in its final editing stages now and I hope to have it ready for the "Spring Fling" event at the Gadson Gallery in April. When complete Harlem Sewn Up will be available for online purchase directly from the publisher. This is the 1st of a few projects that I would like to put into print. How Exciting!