Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sense (and Cents) of Style

Hosting artists salons at my home/gallery always costs me a little more than expected but it is worth it for several reasons. First lets talk about my latest acquisitions. As a featured artist at a salon my first mission should be to promote and sell my work however ... at my latest show, "the Harlem Aesthetics Fall/Winter Couture show", I acquired a Jerry Gant hat and coat plus 2 convertible shirts by Donna Dove before the first guest even arrived. Not a very smart business move but I will look fabulous this season! Thank goodness as the day progressed I made a few sales of my own.

It is important to note the significance of the new additions to my wardrobe. #1- I have just allowed my $$ to circulate around my community a little longer which includes that of Harlem, the African American and the artist community. #2 - I have just supported my fellow artisans so that they can live,thrive and continue to create. #3 - I will look great effortlessly since I now have a few more hand crafted and unique wardrobe items. #4 - the experience of the acquisition (yes I do think of these as collectors items) was enjoyable and enlightening since I got to dialog and laugh with the designers. After all when is the last time you got to chat and giggle with Isaac Mizrahi or the like at a Target or Macy's?

All this to say I love my position as a vehicle to bring artists and the public together and as you can see I am not just the lady in charge but also a client. All are welcomed to join me at the Gadson Gallery this holiday season for more opportunities like the one I just described or take part in a similar event somewhere near you. Make your dollars count plus look and feel fabulous doing so. This is a win - win all around.

Photo: Hand felted hats by Ahnenoi Brooks - Leo Fine Woolens & Accessories featured at the Harlem Aesthetic's Fall Winter Couture Show 2013.

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